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    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/14742/slideshows/homeCustom1920x560/IMG_4650.jpg Have you had a Cup of Coffee with Jesus? Let your cup runneth over!

  • Mission: We want to Renew Your Sense of Wonder

    Grace that Reigns is a Contemplative Retreat Ministry. Our whole effort is to promote those moments, 
    through which people are drawn out of their 
    own Mundaneness, towards a journey of Hope.

    We do this by...
    1. Renewing a Sense of  Wonder  for yourself and for your love & relationship with Jesus. 

    2.  Identifying and healing misconceptions, roadblocks, stereotypes, and hidden barriers that affect our ability to see ourselves as Unique, Loved, and a Pearl of Great Price.

    3. Giving Life to a journey of prayer and revealing St. Ignatius' Consolation and Desolation.
    4. Providing Opportunities for God's Divine Supernatural Healing Grace to transform lives.

  • Jacqueline Loh 

    From Vancouver, Canada, she is a lay apostolate and founder of Grace that Reigns Society. Trained as a planner/L.architect, a powerful spiritual experience with the Risen Lord at fourteen, changed her life. In 2008, she took a leap of faith, founded this ministry and began to share her faith experiences.
    Through her powerful witness sharings, she offers opportunities for God's healing Grace to transform lives. She recently published, 
      " When Monday Comes."

  • Bishop Ronald M. Gilmore            Bishop EmEritus of Dodge City, Kansas

    Bishop Ronald Gilmore served as Bishop of the Diocese of Dodge City, KS, for thirteen years (1998 – 2010) before retiring in 2011. The Lord then called him again and, in 2012, he joined Grace that Reigns Society. A wonderfully gifted speaker, homilist, and writer, he brings us deeper into the contemplative life. His publications and reflections during his journey are now available through our bookstore in three volumes. His recent publication is Like the Dewfall.

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